Thriving Business – Nielsen Specialty Ammo
Man in front of a CNC machine

What started out as a hobby business in Nick Nielsen’s garage in 2015 is now a growing and thriving business in the city of Upland, California.  A true family business, Nielsen Specialty Ammo is run by Nick, his wife Jessica and his two adult children.  All of them work full time manufacturing pellets for air guns.

Nielsen Specialty Ammo was founded by Nick Nielsen, an avid shooter since a young boy. Nick has handed that tradition down to his five boys who also enjoy putting lead down range. The company was formed to provide the specialty ammo Nick wanted to shoot and thought others would as well, plus he needed a way to pay for his ammo.  Once Nick found PCP air guns, a new revolution was started.

Nick had initially financed his CNC equipment, a Genturn 65 MSY in 2019, with Valley Financial Services.  Recently, he financed a Supertec OD Grinder as well to add to his expanding equipment list.

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