Thriving Business – Vanderhulst Associates Inc.
CNC milled metal machine part

Based in Santa Clara, CA, Vanderhulst Associates Inc. specializes in Precision CNC Machining. For over 50 years in business, Vanderhulst serves multiple industries including medical, vacuum, analytical, and semiconductor amongst others. With more than 10,000 completed projects and over 25 CNC Machines, Vanderhulst manufactures high quality components tailor-made to the specifications of their customers. Their capabilities include CNC Lathe machining, CNC Horizontal Mills. CNC Vertical Mills, Small Hole Drilling down to 0.0035”, Cleanroom Assembly, and 3D laser marking. Vanderhulst produces parts with close tolerances down to 0.0002”.  You can learn more about Vanderhulst at

Hank Vanderhulst uses Valley Financial Services because of the fast and efficient manner of the machinery financing process that VFS provides. VFS works faster than most banks making the operation quick and seamless.  Hank Vanderhulst said “Valley Financial Services is by far the quickest and easiest to buy any machine.  They are the best!”